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current tagging status
games: 1-2 times a week* slower on smut.
memes: unavailable
PSLs: unavailable

*boomeranging available for plot important things
as of: 09/2017

  • I'm here for the fun of it.
  • IC =/= OOC. My characters have nothing to do with the way I feel.
  • I can be slow with tags. I'll let you know if I need to drop something important.

  • plurk
  • My plurk is where I talk RP. If I unfriend you it's nothing personal, we can reconnect if we RP again!
  • Please ask before adding me.

  • feedback
  • If I, or the character I'm playing, does something that makes you uncomfortable then please let me know.
    This is especially important in porn RP: I'm not into purple-prose, I prefer raunchy and descriptive. If I use lingo that you don't like then it's good to know, I can either adjust or we can agree not to play porn with each other.
  • Most of the characters I play in a game have an OPT OUT post. Please use it if you do not want tags from me, no questions asked!

  • about me
  • my name is April
  • gender neutral so use any pronouns it's fine
  • my plurk is [ profile] thefacelessevil
  • my discord is thefacelessevil#8148
  • active characters are here
  • i'm not a unique and beautiful snowflake
  • i'm exuberant sometimes
  • i'll rp almost any kink you can think of
  • i cry a lot
  • i'm a MSTie
  • flag on the moon
  • ilu
  • i need a nap
  • and punctuation